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Peeping Tom’s ARE Very Dangerous

Recently, I was reading a thread on a You Tube video about Peeping Perverts as I call them.I was floored by most of the comments by people why still view these people who do this as just nuisances.Peeping Tom crimes are not harmless as we were led to believe for years and years.They are some of the most dangerous people on this earth to women especially. This is how some of our most vicious Serial Killer and Rapist’ honed their stalking skills usually starting as teenagers.I am writing this blog to help people who do not understand how this crime is so so dangerous.

I can probably name ten SK’s off the top of my head who started stalking the women in their neighborhoods when they were just getting their career’s started.Ted Bundy,Gerard Schaefer,Danny Rollins,Joel Rifkin and Derrick Lee Todd just to name very few did this.What I am about to tell you is what I have learned from reading True Crime for over 25 years.I am not an expert I am just a reader, and always read about Serial Killers so much because I wanted to know everything about them because I am terrified of them and do not want to become one of their victims.I come from a town that produced at least 3.What makes this more horrific is the town has never had over 70.000 people.Most census have it listed as having an average of 63,000 people.

Here are some reason’s why I know they are very dangerous.One case of Serial Killings I read about the killer said before he had ever killed he would  scout his neighborhood looking for women who were careless about their privacy and left their bedroom windows opened or just the curtain open and doors and cars unlocked.When he found one he would watch her undress and dress and watch her have sex with her boyfriend through the opening in the curtain.He would masturbate watching them and eventually he felt like he was in a relationship of sorts with this first woman.He would climb through her window while she slept and would even stand over her and watch her sleep while masturbating and this girl never ever knew that she had been in the literal reach of this eventual Serial Killer.Another thing that these men do is that they will follow their victims from their corner store where everyone feels very safe in going to and never think they are in danger of a SK in their own neighborhoods.They can tell a lot about a woman by watching what she buys at the store,so pay attention to people watching you and your cart.They will even go through some of their victim’s garbage.They will watch them sometimes for years without ever hurting them and then one day they pounce and kill.

Another man I read about who was a Peeper would search outside their victim’s houses and apartments for spare keys and when he found one he would take it and have a copy made and then put the spare back and the woman was never the wiser.He said he would sometimes go in their homes when the intended victim was at work and take showers and even eat her food.He would also touch all of her things and steal panties and other unmentionables.This one even had his girlfriends wearing these stolen items and took pictures of them wearing them.Another example of Perv’s who like panties is the  Canadian Serial Killer who was a colonel in their Armed Forces Russell Williams.He would break into women’ homes and steal their panties and other things and he would wear them himself and even took pictures of himself wearing them.He must have targeted some big women if he could fit into them.He would even hide in their homes and watch them sometimes too.Another group of people who did creepy things like this were Charles Manson’s followers,they would go on what they called “Creepy Crawly” missions where a group of them would sneak into people’s homes and would rearrange entire rooms full of furniture while the people slept.
After I wrote this last paragraph I decided to Google this subject of  Peeping Perverts being dangerous and this is the very first thing that popped up.When will people learn that this is serious?http://forums.plentyoffish.com/datingPosts12747477.aspx I am glad that some people who have some sense answered this guy.
Another thing that I have changed my mind about is people who commit what is now called Home Invasions when people are not home or so they thought.I really thought that were basically harmless to people just harmful to the people’s property.Some accounts say that while they were burgling the home that they thought was empty with the occupants supposed to have been gone and they stumbled across a sleeping girl they all of a sudden would rape them without any prior thought about ever raping women until that moment.I think when Profiler’s say that a Serial Killer will have a record for burglary they know this because items have been stolen at the scene and this gives them the hint that they probably started off as a robber not as a sexual predator in the beginning of their crime careers.Some SK’s will have the opportunity to steal thousands of dollars and expensive jewelry and do not, but they do take an inexpensive insignificant item and the Profiler’s will know that it is just a memento for them to relive the crime Not for financial gain.This tells them that this is a Serial Offender that has probably been a burglar and they have the financial means to support themselves and they must have a fairly good source of money and they set out to rape and /or murder.The biggest thing this tells them is that they will do this again with the taking of the souvenir from the crime scene.With taking that they also know that fantasy is a very important part of this type of offender’s life.

Another trick of a Peeping Pervert is that they will wait for the woman to leave a door unlocked in the home and he will go in and unlock an insignificant window like  laundry room window or a basement one and most people do not check their windows to make sure they are locked on a regular basis because the one’s who live by themselves or with small children automatically think that no one has been in their home who would have unlocked them , after all she knows the children are too small to unlock one and she did not unlock any of them herself. Some Serial Rapists/Killer’s mainly target single women with children because a mother or care giver will do whatever they want with no resistance when they threaten the lives of the children.This M.O. is very common.

These Peeper’s eventually end up with routes they use,they know at what time a woman gets home from work or school and what time she takes a shower and what nights her boyfriend stays or comes to have sex.Most people who work or go to school keep  a very regular schedule and he learns these.I never realized how much a lot of people are creatures of habit until I learned about this.A lot of Peeper’s tell their loved one’s that they go jogging every day or in the very early hours of the morning.They almost always wear very dark clothes and if the loved one would think about this it is not rational.Almost everyone who jogs at night will wear reflective clothing.They will also come home with unexplained bruises and scratches on their body,well they do have explanations but they are ridiculous.For example they will say that they ended up with scratches on parts of their body that are covered with clothing from bushes scratching them and say the bruises are from falls but they are located in odd places that a fall does not seem like a good explanation sor causing.Things like this.Some will have a lot of miles on their car,I am talking about triple what the average person does on their car that never leaves their city.
| I can not stress enough for women to change their schedules regularly,change everything even at what time you go to the store and take baths and have sex.Change these as often as you can.Always make sure you can not see into any room of your home from outside your home,they view in from the smallest of cracks in the blinds and curtains.Make sure all bushes are cut down as low as possible to help stop shielding them from the street while they are peeping and masturbating while looking in your window.Another thing is to always watch to see if someone is following you home from the store ,work or any other place.Remember that big dogs are a deterrent but, some Peeper’s have poisoned dogs or killed them in other ways to gt rid of them if they are really attracted to a potential victim.Women would be so surprised by how much these Peeping Tom’s know about their personal lives.These sick men sometimes really think they are having a relationship with their victims and this makes this type of peeper even more dangerous to them.

I just wanted to make some points for why I believe that these are very dangerous people,and if burglar’s that have never ever thought about raping a woman until he stumble’s across an easy target tells me that a Peeper that is intentionally trying to see something sexual go in a home he is peeping on he will be a lot more inclined to rape if he comes across the chance to.He is there trying to sexually gratify himself that is what he is going to do.These men have a very rich fantasy life that is always being tweeked and refined and he ends up pushing the envelope further and further to get this sexual gratification.A lot of killer’s that I have read about say that they did not intend killing the first one,and they are fully waiting to be caught for the murder at any minute then as time passes he realizes that he got away with it and he finds himself masturbating over and over to the memory of the crime and then does it again and again.
Women and Men can be victim’s of these Peepers,it is usually that women are the most targeted in these types of crimes.Always pay attention to your surroundings and make sure you are not being followed and if a man ends up in places that you are a little too much they are probably following you.Some fear is healthy,that is what we have the emotion for,to make us aware that something can hurt us.Fear that dominates your life is the unhealthy not the fear that is just trying to keep us  safe from these men who unfortunately share our earth with us.


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