Missing and Murdered in Hamilton,Ohio and the Tri-State

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Dorothy (Dot) Douglas Missing From Cincinnati,Ohio

Dorothy Douglas has been missing since the summer of 1998.Sadly she was said to have been addicted to Crack Cocaine at the time of her disappearance.The only reason that I state a fact like this is because it could be a vital clue to help jog someone’s memory about the circumstances of case. Dorothy who was lovingly called Dot by her family and friends was 42 years old when she became a Missing Endangered Person.It is said that she had been living with friends at this time.She was known to have gotten her drugs and the money for them in the Walnut Hill areas.She lived what is called a high risk lifestyle, and her life was plagued with all that comes with living that life.She was last saw in the Walnut Hill’s area on August the 26th 1998.She did not take any clothing with her nor did she have access to a vehicle or the money to leave the area on her own.It is also noted that her Food Stamp card was last used on Sept.9 fourteen days after her last sighting.That could be a telling clue or just a “Red Herring”.It could have been used by someone that knew she would never be back to complain or it is just as likely that one of her friends had access to her card and just went ahead and used it when she was no longer around and they could benefit from it.It also is very unlikely that she is the one who used it on that last date.

I want to note this part STRONGLY.She was not always drug dependent and actually held a decent job as a nurse in her earlier life.She has 2 children and 2 grandchildren.Her life started to spiral out of control  when her husband was brutally murdered,some one stabbed him to death and has never been caught for it.Then the next year her brother died.He is presumed drowned, but,has never been found.She always stayed in contact with her family.

If anyone has any information to her whereabouts or have heard anything throughout these last years that could be helpful in bringing her home please contact Cincinnati,Ohio Police at (513)765-1212
African American
5feet 5inches tall her weight  125 pounds
Brown on BrownImage


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