Missing and Murdered in Hamilton,Ohio and the Tri-State

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Chelsea Johnson’s Murder

When my 18 year old daughter called me and told me that another girl was missing from Fairfield,Ohio I was shocked, when she called back an hour later and told me she had been found murdered behind what we all call Old Applecreek Apartments(Now Heritage Glen) stabbed to death my heart sunk.My daughter did not realize how close to where Missing Katelyn Markham’s Townhouse on Dorshire Dr. is to where Chelsea’s body was located.These 2 cases might not be connected, but the locality of both are amazingly close.Fairfield does not usually have many of these types of crimes happen.They have their share do not get me wrong,but they do not rival Hamilton’s crime rate at all when it comes to Rapes,Murders and Missing people.This case is particularly heart breaking because of her young age.

On a Sunday in April 2012 Chelsea Johnson’s mother came home from work around 5 pm and as soon as she entered her house she knew things were out of the ordinary,she just did not realize how much so.When she entered her living room she found a neighbor man who is in his late 30’s sitting on her sofa.He should not be here she thought,because he has no keys and no one was home to have let him in.He knew at this time only her children are usually there,particularly her young 15 year old daughter Chelsea.The first thing she asked was where Chelsea was?He told her that she went to the store.Those alarm bells started chiming again in her head because she knew it does not take 4 or 5 hours for a trip to the convenience store.Besides that was abt.12:20pm or so, earlier in the afternoon and she had went with him to the store.She then started doing what most parents do,calling Chelsea’s cell phone and friends to see if she was with one of them. But, she was not answering her phone nor was she with any of them.She was very worried because it was out of her behavior to not tell  her where she was going.She told herself that her daughter was 15 and teenagers do disappear for a few hours sometimes and Chelsea would be coming through the door or calling at anytime.She also mistakenly thought that Chelsea had to be missing for 24 hours to be able to report her to the police.However,she spent a sleepless night worrying and as soon as school started in the morning she went there to see if she was there,she was not.She then called the police and the investigation started.She had everyone in their neighborhood searching for her and was extremely glad for the help.But,what happened next took the search in a whole other direction.
The male neighbor who happened to be the last one to see her before she disappeared all of the sudden remembered something,a vital detail,one that would solve part of this mystery.He told her mother and step-father that he just remembered  that Chelsea had said something about going fishing in the creek behind the now vacant apartment complex they call Hunters Glen yesterday.This is actually absurd for a couple of reason’s. One being it is more of a stream than creek.But,Chelsea’s Step-father,brother and the helpful Tipster jumped into their truck to go and search this area.What they found no loved one should have to witness. Some reports say she was found in the creek bed others say next to it,neither really matters now,they found her.She had been brutally stabbed and her shoe’s and phone were thrown haphazardly around her body.The scene gave them the impression that her body had been discarded.My heart goes out to her family as I write this.
Chelsea’s mother has many questions that are not being answered by the neighbor.Number one being.How did he forget a detail this important?She does not publicly say that she thinks he is responsible,but she does say that none of his story makes sense and she was extremely angry that he let her lay there all night by herself,if he had just told this detail the day prior!Who forgets a detail like that????

I do know that I have read many true crime stories where the killer does not tell where the body is at immediately.One being that they want to make sure that decomposition has ravaged the body completely to get rid of vital evidence that can be like wanting semen not to be found or wounds on the body that tell how the person was really murdered to be detected.If a person is stabbed and the knife does not nick any bones you can not tell from the skeleton that stabbing or cutting is the cause of death.This goes for strangling too,when the Hyoid bone is not broken.The killer can say that the person died from a Drug Overdose ect… and they were scared and hid the body,they do this so there is no forensic evidence to be found to dispute his story.Another reason they do not tell at first is to make sure the person is dead,so they are not able to dispute the killer’s story of accidental death or rape or other reasons known only to him.I am not saying he did this for any sinister reason’s,I am just stating facts of why some murderers do not tell.The police have not arrested this man for good reasons I am hoping,we just do not know.Then again I have to be fair and state that I have read many stories where you think a person is a killer and you would lay your life on it and they are not.That is where good police work comes to play.

I am scared for the women in that area,they are being preyed upon maybe by one man or by many we just do not know at this point.The answer’s will come out eventually.I also am very angry at some of the Newspaper’s insinuation she was a prostitute, that this child of 15 had sex for drugs with a suspect.She is not here to defend this accusation,she never had a police record for anything let alone prostitution.She had not been last seen in a red light district,where prostitution is part of the scenery.This should not be tolerated by us.You will never ever read where I will state that a woman is a prostitute if the case does not need a detail like that told.There are many ways to write that without victimizing the woman in death and her family,especially when she has children.Some times that detail has to be told as a vital clue, but,it can be said in nice ways for example;”The woman lead a high risk lifestyle due to her drug dependence and had to deal with everything that comes with the life style”.You get the message loud and clear with out insinuating the woman was responsible for her own death by putting the word “prostitute” into the matter.
I hope whoever did this gets a very long sentence.Anyone that preys upon women and children should be maxed out on their sentencing day.


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