Missing and Murdered in Hamilton,Ohio and the Tri-State

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Chelsea Johnson Person Of Interest In Her Murder,Sentenced To 66months Prison

Davis Pleads guiltyIf you are following this case you remember that  George Johnson seemed like the obvious choice in her murder,However, the police must think otherwise.I do have to admit that as much as I gripe  about Hamilton/Butler co. I will have to admit that they are very adept when it comes to solving murders.There are very few open or unsolved murder cases and when you compare their Police agencies to others with a similar murder count we have a very high conviction rate for .So,I think that they either fully believe he is innocent or they are smart enough not to rush a case if they do not have sufficient evidence,and got him off the streets while they get the evidence they need.
This grown man George Davis had offered this 15-year-old child  Chelsea Johnson Heroin in exchange for sex.The Police found their text messages that they had sent each other, some as recently as a day before her disappearance where he had solicited her.He was placed under a $250,000 bond in the butler county jail after being charged .Friday he pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 66 months in jail and he has to do at least 32 months of the sentenced before he can be released then he will be on supervised probation for the second part of the 66 month sentenced.After this he will have to register as a second tier sexual predator.The police keep stressing he is not a suspect but a person of interest.I think he has gotten  off very lightly.They could have maxed him out.This leads me to believe they probably really do not think he is guilty,however they do not have any viable suspects and that is why they are keeping him in this category.  I understand that he had not done anything YET,but he had full intentions of trading drugs for sex with her.That in its self was dangerous for the little girl


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