Missing and Murdered in Hamilton,Ohio and the Tri-State

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The Perv’s Of Hamilton

http://www.local12.com/content/breaking_news/story/Hamilton-Man-Charged-With-Stalking-Teens/UBF8tMcEFESfwqbtrbIjAA.cspx#.UFN6GLFmhdc.facebook                I was reading the Hamilton Journal the city’s one and only news paper when I ran into this article.What makes me extremely angry is the fact that Aaron Frye has been allowed to stalk our children.Our family happened to have a run in with this sexual deviant and thank G-d he never had the chance to do what he no doubtlessly had all of intentions of doing.My 2 older daughters and my youngest sister had went to school with Aaron,they said he was odd but he did not seem to be a threat to anyone back then.Well, my oldest daughter ran into him again while working at a temporary job place and this place  also provided rides for their employees, they would paid you 5 extra dollars for every person you provided a ride for.They did absolutely no screening what so ever.This type of job was basically for the desperate or as we find out a haven for people who can not get real jobs because they are felons,and the type of felons that even the people in jail do not like.”Child molesters” and some known and unknown “Rapists”.I understand that they have to eat too,But,if they are going to place these people in the car with  women sometimes by themselves I think they should at least know what kinds of crimes they were convicted of and tell the woman so they can at least have the option of choosing if they want to risk their own safety for that 5 dollars.
My daughter figuring she had went school with him and what she did know about him from the 8th grade that he should be a fairly safe bet,and gave him rides to and from work.She knew that he was odd,but he always had been.Then he told her he had been to prison and gave her some drug charge reason which was an absolute lie,but she did not question him at the time because so many people in our town has been in trouble for weed possession or selling ect…Then after about a month of her giving him rides she would go to his house to pick him up.He lived with his Grandmother,who happened to own a fairly successful realty company,nothing big,but they did own a lot of rental property and this allowed them to live a good Middle Class life style.Then one day she was behind schedule and picked Aaron up while she had my sister in the car with my niece also who was 8 at the time and did not think twice about it.Aaron was very nice to my niece, but as equally nice to my sister so no one was the wiser.But,my daughter was not afraid of him and she did not see anything strange with him until she went and picked him up a few days later and he was watching The Nickelodeon channel,but hell sometimes I even do that.But,she said it was weird, the whole scene,but Aaron was always weird so she just filed the incident away.I guess when my sister and niece was in the car that time they must have had a conversation about my niece’s father not paying his child support and she was struggling and 2 of her 5 children needed shoes.Well, we all know this must have been like an explosion of joy going off in his head to hear she had so many children with out having a man living in her house and she worked 12 hour days at her job.She was a  pedophiles dream,or so he must have thought.When he and my daughter got paid a couple weeks later he wanted to go with her to the mall with her,we now know why because she was taking the 2 kids that needed shoes with her.Well, while at the store he demanded to pay for the shoes and she let him for some reason.I guess because he could afford spending 70 dollars each on a good pair for them,and he lived where he did not have to pay any bills and his Grandmother was fairly well off.So she really thought he was being nice.Aaron gave off the vibe that he liked her so she she thought,I was very PO at the time, because I felt she lead him on and she took advantage of him,because she would never be more than friends with someone as odd as he is.Never in a million years did I think he was a convicted Child Molester,I just thought he was some loser,nothing more. My daughter being naive not stupid figured he was doing this to suck up to her and I agreed that was his motive.Well, the next day she went to pick him up again and this time he was watching a baby cartoon like the Teletubbies or something like that designed for babies or barely toddlers.This really made her think this is not right,he may be a weirdo that liked kids.Then on the drive to work they stopped at the store and he went in and left his phone in her car and it rang (so she says) and she picked it up and nosed through it and there big as life was my Nieces picture and then she found more pics that he took while they were shopping and no one knew.OMG!!She flipped out,but he gave her some song and dance and they went on to work, but she was furious and let him know it and made him find his own ride home.That next morning as soon as the courts opened up she called the Adult Probation office and talked to his Probation Officer.That would not really tell her about his crime except it was in a sexual nature and for her to never let any children around him again that he was listed as an almost definite risk to re-offend,I forget what it was actually called.Well they did arrest him because he was not allowed around any children at all.They did not send him back to prison as they were suppose to.We think he may have did a month in the county for it,not much for the tone of voice that his probation officer used says my daughter.My daughter said that he(PO) kept telling her over and over he will re-offend and it was ery important to keep children away from his reach.
.Well, we heard a few months later that he had done something else and they did send him back to prison.Then the Mo****F***** as soon as he got out of prison called my sister’s house and actually wanted to talk to my niece 2 different times.This was not my niece’s mother  it was our mutual sisters home.The first time one of the kids answered the call from him and did not tell anyone and then my teenaged niece answered the second time and she let him have it.I will not repeat what she said to him,it was every word she was not allowed to ever use.She did not get in trouble for it tho.She told him that she was calling on him again just as her cousin had and he never called back.My daughter called and made another complaint against him.But,we never heard what happened.We do know since then he had been arrested 3 more times and never served more than 4 months each time we are told and not for sure,but we do know he went to jail those 4 times total. It must be true because someone in our family has saw him a lot driving around or more than likely out driving around trolling for victims.And we all inform each other if and when we see him.especially if it is near any of our homes.
This makes me cringe every time I think about it.I Thank Goodness my daughter had enough sense to catch on so quick,just by observing him watching cartoons made her suspicious of him.Now, when I see someone that I know from my school years I am leery, and so is everyone else in my family.I could fault my daughter for this, but I will not.She was only 23 or 24 years old the only thing she did wrong was to help someone who she had went to school with that needed a ride.Then she does what most people do when they are around people 13 or 14 hours a day for a few months, she became comfortable around him,yes he was odd but he always had been and there were a lot of other people she said that they had went to school with working for the same temporary service too,and none of them knew he was a perv either.I have to give her credit for spotting these things all with in a weeks time,most girls that young who do not have children do not usually have that much life experience to be that suspicious and I am so glad she did.There are so many stories of these type of men seeking out single mother’s who are struggling and then their lives become an absolute nightmare.
But,I want to know how many more times the City of Hamilton Police and the Butler County Courts are going to let him out to end up doing the absolute worse thing he can do and that is  to eventually start killing them after he victimizes them so they can not tell on him and have him put in jail.I really hate to write that but it happens every day.That is what makes these people so much more dangerous.They kill one to keep them from telling and they then find that they liked doing that and there you have it a serial killer


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