Missing and Murdered in Hamilton,Ohio and the Tri-State

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Cynthia Carmack Missing Hamilton,Ohio

     Cynthia Louise Carmack has been missing  since 1988.She was last saw on Sept.20,1988.There is very limited information on the internet about her case.I only remembered her when something I was reading jogged my memory that I had previously watched an Unsolved Mysteries segment about her long ago.She has largely been forgotten by the local community.I will post more things about her to try and bring her case back into people’s minds.This is unacceptable that our children who are missing are forgotten.When I went on my internet search I could find nothing without having her name and I scoured  2 or 3 sites before I found her name and information.I do know people who knew her of her and I will get more information about her and post it.If anyone knows the details of her life and/or disappearance I would like to know,so I can post it.

 D0B,October 25,1971
  Brown hair and Blue eyes
 height 5’2-5’3 weight 125 pounds



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