Missing and Murdered in Hamilton,Ohio and the Tri-State

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Why I Started This Blog

I have always been an avid reader,and I continuously have 2 or 3 books I am reading at any one time.I am one that has one in her car and one in my purse and always have a stack next to my bed.One of my favorite subject to read is “True Crime”,well I should not say favorite because that makes this sound like I enjoy reading about other’s misfortune and that is not true.I am interested by the How’s and Why’s that people commit serious crimes against another person.To be truthful,another reason is that I wanted to know about the people who commit these types of crimes is actually practical.I DO NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF THEIR VICTIMS.
Growing up in Hamilton,Ohio I had always been exposed to horrific crimes as a child that were committed by our citizens.One of the firsts I can vividly remember is when James Rupert killed his entire family of 11 on Easter Sunday in 1975.He used a Rifle among other’s to do this.I remember this because it was the first time that I had heard the word Rifle.This was especially frightening for a child of 8 or 9 years old to hear about,especially when their were 7 or 8 child among the victim’s.I know my brother still gets a giggle whenever this mass murder is mentioned because we had always called him(Rupert) the “Easter Bunny” as kids.I know this is not a laughing matter but,how else are children supposed to deal with such horrific things that happen in their own communities. My siblings and me have a very morbid sense of humor at times and having been exposed to such horrors as children is probably the reason why.Another horror I remembered and this scared me more than the Easter Bunny did ,was that women’s battered and mutilated bodies were being found out in the county,and one close to where my grandmother lived.She lived between Riley and Millville and one of the roads we sometimes took was where  1 of the women’s bodies was found.We called it the “WEE” road as children because it had those  small but steep little hills that rise fast and fall fast and  if you go over them fast they give you that sensation in your stomach that roller coaster’s give you.It is actually called New London road,but I did not want to be on it after that woman had been found there.This was in 1976 that she was found.There were 6 or 7 women’s bodies found dumped throughout Butler Bounty.Another road I was afraid of State route 128 because someone was attacking people and shooting them.One had even been a police officer and that really scared me.If this crazy man killed a police man and harmless women what would he do to a little girl was my thinking all those years ago. These are just some examples of what went on in our town that shaped my mind about killers,there were many others too.
They finally did catch the man who killed the woman and dumped her on the Wee road but,it was not until I was fully grown and had reached my late 30’s early 40’s.He ended up being 1 of 3 Serial Killer’s that my hometown had produced.The thing I did not understand about Hamilton and its little problem with murder is that for as small as it is it should not have that many high-profile crimes and the number of the killings.It rival’s big cities like Cincinnati and Dayton,Ohio.I do not think it has ever had a population over 70,000-75,000 at the very most and that is probably stretching it.It has by some counts only 62,000 people.I personally know many victims of homicide and the person’s who committed them.Now that I am older I understand why I have this morbid fascination about murders.When my family used to make snide remarks about the way I read true crime I would get embarrassed a little bit,But,now that I see things as they are I want to say to them that they are the odd one’s not me.Being surrounded by it your whole life should pique your interest into why this happens and how to stay alive and not become one of the statistic.
One thing that I did not realize and I do not understand how I missed it is the hidden epidemic of Missing and Unidentified people in the United States.I was floored by how many their are.By some accounts there are  currently 35,000-45,000 who are missing or are unidentified in the US.I personally think it could be a lot higher.The reason I believe this is that there are not any Federal laws and in most states State laws that make Law Enforcement put them into a countrywide data bank.Another horrible fact is that some coroner offices have the unidentified sitting in the form of bones in boxes and in some cases plastic garbage bags unmarked in their offices.And one story I read that happened in Washington state is that when the new coroner took over the office of his predecessor they almost discarded some trash bags that had human remains in them.Thankfully that they noticed this would be blunder, but I was outraged over this.These are the remains of some one’s loved one that someone is probably looking for.I do not remember if it was 2 or 3 bodies but,it was definitely more than one too.They did not even know which bones had been found where because they were all mixed together.This is our city government at work.A coroner is a voted office and they do not even have to be a college graduate or even a medical doctor to run for this position.They do not receive good pay usually with that title either.Thank God that most places Have Medical examiners.Coroner’s have to be able to at least read an Autopsy if they do not have the skills to perform one perform one.They also determine what goes on a death certificate and this matters greatly,because if they rule it a  suicide it’s  a suicide and the police can not investigate.I mean sure they could charge someone with the death but with the coroner saying it is not a homicide they have little chance of getting a conviction. I have already read so many cases where.
After starting to learn about the Missing and Unidentified I started running into missing people cases in my hometown or nearby in neighboring cities and states.Hamilton sits in the Southwest corner of the State of Ohio and Hamilton’s County is next to the Indiana State line and the next county south directly below is Cincinnati’s Hamilton County and it border’s Kentucky and  Indiana.One day when my Grandson and father was with me and we had driven to Indiana from Ohio on Rt,50 I stopped the car at the Ohio and Indiana Line and had my grandson get out of the car and had him stand one foot in Ohio and One foot in Indiana and actually you could  claim that you were touching Kentucky’s border also.He had thought I had lost my mind because I kept asking him if he felt it?I asked this poor   8-year-old kid that 3 or 4 times and he had really thought I lost my mind.Then I started laughing and explained to him that he was standing in 2 places at one time and you could really claim 3 places if you wanted to argue.I told him to do this to his son or grandson too when he grew up just to aggravate the child.I told him he would always remember this day and we got back in the car and drove east into Ohio and I took him on the Anderson Fairy that crossed the Ohio River.We were allowed to ride as walk on passenger’s over to Kentucky and back,as a child my parent’s would not allow us out of the car.That day my father waited in his car as we took our little trip.But,that is how close we are to both states.I was shocked by how many missing person cases there are in this region that gets zero publicity like they should.Some cases do get the attention they deserve if they are lucky in 1 of 3 ways or really lucky and all 3 happens.You get exposure of the case if you are assigned a tenacious officer,when the community that the body was found in is outraged and demands answers or the community where the person is missing from cares and last but not least that the person has a family that loves you and knows how much you are worth and fights to keep the case in the Public Eye and makes the community realize that you are a person who is valued and loved and missed and in doing this it helps the community to empathize completely with the family.I am not saying that communities do not care,it is that the story loses flavor in the media when there is no more police can do or they say they can do and the news station will lose money if they do not show the stories they want to see.So families have to turn it into a human interest story and keep the details alive and giving updates and then people will always be wanting to know the outcome.
With this problem being so prevalent I feel that everyone who can should help at least draw awareness to how fast the problem is.When I started checking how many were actually missing in Hamilton and the surrounding areas I was shocked by how many I had never heard about and forgot about.This is just my part of trying ti help a huge American problem.
Also,I know for a fact that a lot of Hamilton citizens are not aware of how many crimes of murder actually have happened there.Maybe if they can see how bad the problem is maybe more people will help to work to stop these senseless murders.I do have very small Nieces and Nephews who call Hamilton home not to mention my whole family.


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