Missing and Murdered in Hamilton,Ohio and the Tri-State

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Why a Site Like This Can Help Our MMUs

Every since I learned of Billy DiSilvestro disappearance I started to view missing sites,just with hope of trying to help stop the suffering of his mother by finding him.I am not alone in this,there is a whole community of people on the internet who try to solve these mysteries.What I soon found to my dismay is how vast this problem is.There are literally hundreds of these type sites.The most famous one’s being Doe Network ,Charley’s Project and Namus to name a few.I was surprised by how many regular people have solved a lot of these cases by matching information from these sites.I soon found myself swamping my mind with so many cases that it seems like no one can be found in the vastness of the MMU(Missing,Murdered and Unidentified)cases.Then what I started seeing were cases of people missing from my hometown and from the numerous familiar cities around it.However I noticed that there were not many that deal specifically with Hamilton and surrounding areas  and  MMU’s.There are a few that just feature women from our area or just very few cases from it.I felt if people from our area want our missing and unidentified cases solved there has to be lot more sites and more information about the cases.I was surprised by how many people who are missing from here who I have never heard of.So that told me even more that we need more sites dedicated to our area to help our victims and their families. When these so-called internet sleuths from around the US scour and find someone’s case that they may have found information on they like to be able and punch in their names on Google and find just a bit more information on them or their area.Having a site like this can mean the difference in helping to make sure they are solved.
I know for me,when I am scouring sites, and if I think I may have found a lead I look up as much info as I can about the person and their hometown and the other areas in their life.I am very new to this and I am learning continuously how to search and find clues and where to look on the internet for information.I also think it is very important to place the people from our area onto the other sites too.I do this regularly.Just when you think you have added the person to all sites you will find one they are not on.It is also important for them to know if and when serial killer’s and other criminals were active in certain areas.
There are hundreds or even thousands who are devoted to trying to help other families get answers.Web Sleuth’s site for one is a very good site to learn from and to discuss cases.There are some very smart and clever people who are on this sites and you can usually find what cases have already  had what  leads checked.It saves you hours of work.For example if a woman found a case on the Doe site has the right date of disappearance ,physical description of an unidentified man’s body that was found in California that matches a Missing man’s poster from Michigan,whose family has been worried for years about his where abouts.You then contact law enforcement  tell them that you have found a good match and if they agree they will start to check it.Many many many have been solved this way. That is why I think this site is also important to have.

After all,it has only taken me about 2 days to get this blog together and write enough information to get it started.If everyone would devote just 15 or 20 minutes a day to scouring sites like these a lot of families would finally have answers.But,to have answers you need awareness to the fact there is a problem that needs solved.


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